Aug 21, 2008

A Midsummer's Eve Mix-Up

As I perused Cheese B. looking for something quick, tasty and shareable, I was directed to the colourful Frontera display by a rather enthusiastic Afrim Pristine.

Frontera Foods, he explained, is a line of products from the renowned Rick Bayless restaurants in Chicago, and is exclusive to Cheese Boutique -- you won't find this line of products anywhere else in the City.

Melt cheese (Gruyere in this case) over the chips and serve, it can be as simple as that or you might want to get fancy and pile up your nachos with all kinds of toppings. The chips are good and thick so they can handle all that extra weight.

You know what's so great about dipping? You don't even need a fork... or a spoon... or a knife... or chopsticks... but do bring a napkin.

List of Ingredients:
Frontera Fire-roasted Tomato and Cilantro Salsa
Frontera Lime with Sea Salt Tortilla Chips
Gruyere Cheese
Organic Fat-Free Yogurt

We also have something from my co-author Big Cheese this week, who has clearly been feeling a bit jealous over the weeks. So I will leave off here for now-- take it away, Big Cheese:

I went all out--I'm a meat eater and the CheeseB just so happens to be a gourmet artisanal meat shop which I have felt has been neglected of late in this blogosphere.

It's summer--the BBQs are flared up--lets get hearty.

I got the thickest cuts of Cheese Boutique's Veal Rib Chops that my eye could pick out: 2 of them actually to do a comparison between Stove cooking and BBQ as I've heard so much over the years that BBQ is always better but I never really did the tasting myself to compare at the same time before.

I pan fried the first one--8 min on one side, 6 min on the other per Agim Pristine's instructions. The result, super yummy, its veal--its tender you can't really contest it as any other edible.

Then to the BBQ. Gas grilled....hands down, BBQ wins.

It retains the savour--it felt more plump and it cooks through the meat much more evenly.

I shared the second chop---it was getting too much to horde all that meat to myself. Rave reviews from all. It was served with Debriciner sausage and a toasted pumpkin seed, coriander and mushroom Pilaf.

Ingredients used:

Veal Rib Chops
Debriciner Sausage
Mom's BBQ
Pumpkin Seeds
Mushrooms and stuff---I know that's weak--other than the meat, the GF made it.

Till next week.

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