Aug 19, 2008

The Chefs' Congress Fundraiser at Eigensinn Farm

On Sunday August 17th, Cheese Boutique participated in the poetically delicious "Midsummer Afternoon's Dream" at Eigensinn Farm-- a fundraiser in support of the upcoming Canadian Chef's Congress (not to mention two local hospitals)

The whole shin-dig was bustling-- summery weather with refreshing gusts of wind, eclectic food stations that made you wince in glee, a tear of joy can be seen on the hardcore foodies in attendance from locals to city dwellers in search of that country ambiance. The August red harvest sun by end of day is the perfect end node to a day full of gorging.

Afrim Pristine, Cheese Boutique's 'Cheese Keeper' served up a Blue Cheese Benedictine Sundae with comté, fig, mulched almonds, and Ontario Blueberries:

Also for presentation and trial was the renowned Thunder Oak Gouda from Thunder Bay, exclusive to Cheese Boutique in Toronto, aged an extra three years from the one year provided at the farm.

Near the George Brown station was this curious converted piece of a farm equipment. One farmer's antique tractor trailer is another cook's contemporary stove!

This is a good opportunity to invite you to check out the main page of Cheese Boutique. Some major efforts have been long in planning to offer a more comprehensive view, and still more improvement down the road.

More pics from Eigensinn farm can be found in the Gallery on the new Cheese Boutique web site!

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