Aug 27, 2008

Cheese Awards--perhaps already at the counter at CheeseB

The Blogosphere has been an interesting learning curve for me, the Big Cheese.

I had the concept of its creation hard wired into my aspirations in what I wanted to share with foodies, all wonders to be found at CheeseB. How the use of this technology can bring news up to speed---its slow food, but news travels fast and I've been rewarded with CheeseB inviting me to help spread the word through this channel....but seeing it in action where you, the audience, are helping me out now in spreading the message and happenings.... makes it quite worthwhile I'm finding so thank you to all for that.

With that in mind, I'm incorporating this post as a new stylistic entry for those who might have missed a comment highlighting the recent winners of the 2008 American Cheese Society Competition.

19 fine Canadian cheeses and 2 dairy products (butter, yogourt) Canadian winners stood out from 1,149 cheeses and dairy product entries submitted by 181 producers from 30 states and 3 Canadian provinces. The award winners were announced at a ceremony held last July at the Merle Resking Theatre in Chicago.

Now I have some homework to do....reporting back on what CheeseB has from the list of winners already in stock!

Thanks to Andre for the link :-)

PS. The Title that links to Facebook isolates all the Canadian winners for you... you may have to register though to view....I know I know there are still some Facebook shy people out there ---I understand --but I caved and joined. In anycase I'll have a followup post on the winners to match a confirmation with CheeseB on what they have inhouse in case you don't join Facebook to see the list.

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  1. Big Cheese, I also posted the Canadian cheese winners in my blog:

    Enjoy !

    P.S: User-generated media is the way of the future. No doubt!