Jul 31, 2008

The Almighty Truffle

Where in all of Toronto can you get a hold of your very own Fresh Truffle?

Cheese Boutique! And very few other places, as far as I can tell. Certainly you may go to a restaurant to have them, but how easy it is to prepare for yourself!

They are shipped here every Wednesday, the location of origin depending on the time of year. Molisa in Summer, Umbria in Winter. The peak season is rapidly approaching, when the flavour will be at its best.

My experience of cooking with truffles is using infused oil or honey made from the pungent white truffle, but I found my fresh black truffle to be another matter. It was very fragrant, filling the refrigerator with an earthy smell. A wonderfully ugly, stinky little thing, promising to elevate my breakfast of scrambled eggs from blasé to gourmet.

The eggs are from Schulz Farm, fresh and free-run, as you see from the picture:

Big eggs with nice, rich-coloured yolks.

Truffle and Eggs, "Before"

The fungus is quite firm, and slices or shaves well

It's worth it to scramble eggs the traditional French way: slow and steady, incorporating a small amount of cold butter. The result is marvelously smooth and creamy.

Put the pan on low heat coated with a small amount of melted butter, add the whisked eggs, some chives and pepper, and stir constantly. Add tiny bits of cold butter as it cooks.

The important thing to note here is that the minced truffle is added only at the very last minute of cooking, as well as being sprinkled as a garnish, to avoid killing the delicate flavour.

The cooking time was about ten minutes for six eggs.

Serve with toast (and Mimosas) if desired.

Truffle and Eggs, "After"

What a splendid breakfast! I only wish I had used more truffle, but I was unsure of how much would be too much. On the plus side, a truffle will live for a good week and I have a fair bit left over.

Perhaps there will be bonus Truffle recipes on this blog in the coming days...

Today's list of ingredients is short and sweet, and all items can be found at Cheese Boutique:

Fresh Black Truffle
Fresh Farm Eggs
Butter (unsalted)


  1. I'm afraid to ask, but how much does a truffle go for?

    I know it's probably out of my price range, but I can dream.

  2. Thanks for your question, Lyndon!
    They sell for $2.50/gram, and one truffle is in the range of about $30-$60. Treat yourself!

    Another option is to pick up a bottle of their wonderful house-made Truffle oil. This sells for $19.99 a bottle for black Truffle and $23.99 for white.
    That should last a good long time and you'll always have truffley goodness at your disposal.
    Unlike many of the other "truffle oils" out there this does not use any synthetic flavouring-- just the Real Thing.

    Hope this was of some help!


  3. It's not as bad, price wise as I thought. Didn't even think about truffle oil as an alternative.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions :)