Jun 26, 2008

Summer. BBQ. Pork. Oink!

A long weekend is upon us, and if there were any time to think about grilling some meat, it's now.

This in mind, I headed to Cheese Boutique for some Berkshire Pork Back Ribs. Conveniently stacked nearby were many varieties of grilling sauce-- I went with Apple Chipotle Grilling Glaze: a Napa valley concoction containing Pinot Noir, and a hint of smoke and spice from the chipotles.

Off to the produce aisles...

Don't you just hate having to stand in front of a stack of pineapples wondering which ones are ripe? Well, thanks to the knowledgeable CheeseB staff, I will no longer have this problem, as I have been informed of the proper method.

Selecting a Ripe Pineapple:

Take hold of an upper leaf, like so

If it plucks out easily, the fruit is ripe

Time to get cooking!

First, the preparation of the Ribs:

I coated them with a mix of olive oil, garlic, paprika, pepper, a bit of salt and lemon.
Let them cook at low heat for a couple of hours (I start at a higher heat, around 300 F, then turn it down to 250 F after half an hour or so). Cooking time and results vary depending on if you cover them or not. In this case, I left the baking dish uncovered and did not use a drip tray.

As those roasted I prepared the pineapple. Lopping of the ends, cutting down the sides, removing the eyes, and cutting out the core. I sliced it thickly and threw it in a nice bath of Rum. Half a cup (or more) of that, an equal amount of water, some salt, pepper and cinnamon. Let it marinate until ready to grill.

Pasta Salad Suggestions:

Red pepper
Purple onion
Grated Cheese (I used the Swiss Sbrinz from last week!)
Olive oil

... and any other items, exotic or every-day, found at CheeseB ...


When I removed the ribs they were clearly tender and seemed to be crying out for me to devour them on the spot. Instead, a paragon of self-restraint, I brushed on some of the sauce and threw them on the grill.

The pineapple, which at this point was quite inebriated, was then grilled. It doesn't need more than five minutes or so.

Time to eat! The meat was glazed with a bit more Apple Chipotle and served with the grilled pineapple, and pasta salad. The meat was falling nicely off the bone.... succulent, white, and unsurpassed in its natural flavour. The Apple Chipotle glaze worked quite well-- it was not overpowering as some sauces might have been. The pineapple provided intense bursts of sweet and sour between mouthfuls of rib.

"Eat Me" they cried. "Eat me now!"

Honestly, it's pretty easy to make even average cuts of meat taste good when you BBQ, but if you want something truly divine, try Berkshire Pork ribs.

Happy Grilling!

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