Jun 3, 2008

Good News: June is here!

Better News:

Festival of Chefs 2009 is just 11 months away...

This year however, the Festival is finished-- five weekends, ten chefs: a May flurry of culinary activity.

Weekend #5: There was Keith Froggett and Lino Collevecchio-- Pickerel and Berkshire, sun and rain and sun, lots of Cheese, a great turnout, even a cameo appearance by Massimo Capra and other familiar faces. Couldn't ask for a better send-off!

Saturday, patrons lined up all day for some of Chef Froggett's Lake Huron Pickerel-- pan-seared in butter, with delicate Potato Blini and Saffron Clam Sauce.

A liberal squeeze of lemon in the sizzling pan!

The wait is made more palatable with a chilled glass of Rose or Sparkling wine.


Froggett and Capra in Chefly camaraderie

Ilir Pristine, Matthew Sutherland of Fat Cat, and Massimo Capra

Giovanni, who manned the Pasta station, hamming it up with Ilir and the Coppola sauce.

Sunday was Lino Collevecchio-- his fifth year with the Festival, making him one of two chefs who have attended every year, the other being Massimo Capra.
And he spared no effort dishing out a flavourful Berkshire Pork Tenderloin wrapped in Prosciutto, along with Minestrone Farro topped with Cheese Boutique Greek Virgin Olive Oil.

Prosciutto-wrap: wow, these guys know how to treat a tenderloin

Ladelling out the goods

Chef Collevecchio makes something special for the Presentation table

Lino Colleveccihio, Afrim Pristine,Via Allegro Owner Phil Sabatino, and Sous chefs

Dessert: Pecan Ice Cream with a stylish Praline hat

Goodbye, Festival of Chefs 2008! Many fond reminiscences of the past month, and many Thanks to everyone who made it such a great success.

And of course, there is much more in the works around CheeseB... fermenting, ripening, as it were... things of immense flavour, which I do look forward to telling you all about-- so stay tuned!

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