May 27, 2008

Festival of Chefs with Corrado and Gushue

Saturday, May 24th Ted Corrado of C5 whipped up some gourmet goodies for the crowd, including a marinated octopus salad, all delicious and tentacle-y. Mmmm.

Corrado, center, and Team

Christine Cushing of the Food Network at the Presentation table

On Sunday, Jonathan Gushue and CheeseB provided a near-criminal amount of delicious and abundant fare....

Links of cured sausage were handed out to patrons

And there was much Chocolate...

Afrim and Gushue

The Chef carries out something special for the table

James Chatto awaiting a cup and saucer

Chatto, writer for Toronto Life and Food and Drink, among other things, blogged his perspective on this whole shin-dig here.

A saucerful of fava bean puree topped with parmigiano-reggiano infused yogurt-- and a sprinkle of toasted cumin

Afrim wheels out a barrel filled with locally-produced goat cheese, marinating these past three months in Malivoire Old vines Marechal Foch wine.

Stained a dark purple on the outside...

The cheese remains milky white inside-- it stays in the Barrel for a few more months.

Refreshing Gazpacho on a warm spring day!

Chef Gushue, James Chatto, and the Pristines

Wine was provided by B&W Wines represented by Howard Wasserman.

And that was the second last weekend of the festival-- only one more to go so if you haven't made it out yet this is your last chance-- at least for a year. Details of the fifth and final weekend coming soon... stay tuned.

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