May 6, 2008

Festival of Chefs Weekend #1

This years festival went exceptionally well! Patrons were rewarded for braving the elements on Saturday with some good comfort grub-- a succulent beef brisket topped with sauteed wild mushrooms, on home-made spatzle. This was courtesy of Anthony Walsh, from Canoe Restaurant.
The weather did an about face on a sunny Sunday with Centro on the roster-- Bruce Woods whipped up some White asparagus and sauteed Shitake mushrooms (as if we could get sick of mushrooms) and truffled pecorino, with a micro green salad.

Chef Anthony Walsh with Canoe sous-chefs gathered for a photo with the Pristines.

CTV News Anchorman Ken Shaw visits Cheese Boutique with family and enjoyed chef Bruce Woods creations

Marc Bolduc of "The Vine" doling out glasses of wine.

The bad news--the weekend is over and I have to go to the gym now to work the food off. The good news is I have all week to work out and get ready for the coming weekend

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