May 14, 2008

Festival of Chefs May 10-11 2008

Another Festival weekend has passed and it went-- ahem--swimmingly!

On Saturday, skies blue and sun shining, Jamie Kennedy fans came in droves-- and were rewarded with his Asparagus and Wild Leek Gratin with Toscano Cheese Velouté. Over 400 were served by 3pm, at which time the food ran out, leaving another hour for the chef to meet with patrons.

Jamie Kennedy and Fatos Pristine

Michael Bonacini and Jamie Kennedy

On Mother's Day, Patrick McMurray dazzled with Thunder Oak Broiled Oysters: Thunder Oak aged Gouda, shaved, and folded into tempered sweet butter, tarragon, lemon zest, and a touch of garlic, formed into a log, chilled and cut onto pats to top the Totten Tiger oyster from Washington state. Set under the broiler as long as it takes to enjoy a couple of sips of your Cuvee Catherine "pink & bubbly" of Henry of Pelham, or until golden brown... what a mouthful!

Thunder Oak Gouda in all it's glory

Patrick McMurray & co. posing with Afrim Pristine

Raw oysters were Village Bay of New Brunswick, fresh to order,
simply shucked and slurped right up.


1100: oysters shucked by Patrick that day.
33: oysters Mr. McMurray has shucked in one minute-- a world record.
1.9 million: his lifetime amount of oysters shucked-- give or take.
9 months: time that elapses between oysters enjoyed on Mother's Day and subsequent new arrivals resulting therein-- according to an Old Oyster Tale, anyway.

If you find all this oyster-talk fascinating then check out
Consider the Oyster - A Shucker's Field Guide
A lovely book of shells and their stories
available at Starfish
43°39’05.41”N 79°22’25.63”W @ 269’ above sea level

Wine for the weekend was provided by Henry of Pelham, represented by Paul DeCampo.

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