May 30, 2008

The Fifth and Final Festival Weekend (already!)

This is it-- we are on the brink of the very last weekend of the Festival of Chefs 2008, and there could be no better way to send it off than with such an illustrious line-up of pure Chef talent:

On Saturday, May 31, it's the one and only Keith Froggett of Scaramouche Restaurant.

Sunday, June 1, it's Lino Collevecchio of Via Allegro.

You know the routine-- 12 til 4pm-- loads of unsurpassed food, much fun, and CheeseB Style inspiration.  Come out and try something tasty, sip some wine, and meet Lino and Keith.

Hope to see you there!

May 27, 2008

Festival of Chefs with Corrado and Gushue

Saturday, May 24th Ted Corrado of C5 whipped up some gourmet goodies for the crowd, including a marinated octopus salad, all delicious and tentacle-y. Mmmm.

Corrado, center, and Team

Christine Cushing of the Food Network at the Presentation table

On Sunday, Jonathan Gushue and CheeseB provided a near-criminal amount of delicious and abundant fare....

Links of cured sausage were handed out to patrons

And there was much Chocolate...

Afrim and Gushue

The Chef carries out something special for the table

James Chatto awaiting a cup and saucer

Chatto, writer for Toronto Life and Food and Drink, among other things, blogged his perspective on this whole shin-dig here.

A saucerful of fava bean puree topped with parmigiano-reggiano infused yogurt-- and a sprinkle of toasted cumin

Afrim wheels out a barrel filled with locally-produced goat cheese, marinating these past three months in Malivoire Old vines Marechal Foch wine.

Stained a dark purple on the outside...

The cheese remains milky white inside-- it stays in the Barrel for a few more months.

Refreshing Gazpacho on a warm spring day!

Chef Gushue, James Chatto, and the Pristines

Wine was provided by B&W Wines represented by Howard Wasserman.

And that was the second last weekend of the festival-- only one more to go so if you haven't made it out yet this is your last chance-- at least for a year. Details of the fifth and final weekend coming soon... stay tuned.

May 22, 2008

Festival of Chefs May 24 & 25

We are on the brink of the Fourth Festival weekend-- it's very likely the weather will be pleasant and it's guaranteed the food will be fantastic.

Saturday May 24 they have Ted Corrado of the ROM's C5 Restaurant Lounge and on Sunday the 25 it's Jonathan Gushue of Langdon Hall Country House.

It's a great opportunity to sample what these talented local chefs have to offer.
45 Ripley Avenue, 12-4pm-- hope to see you there!

May 20, 2008

Festival of Chefs with Capra and Steh

Saturday May 17:

 Chef Massimo demonstrating Italian cooking secrets before  a fervently enraptured audience.

Somehow he found the time to write a  Book.
And sign it for fans!

Capra and the CheeseB Family.

Sunday May 18:

        Not exactly the nicest weather but the grill was fired up all the same.

"Oh, Mr. Steh, what's this you've got cooking?!"

"Just wait and find out, my friends..."

Voila! It's Grilled Manitoba Berkshire Pork stuffed with Wild Ontario Leeks, served with apricot BBQ sauce and a Telagio Truffle spoon bread!!

Chef Michael Steh and company squeezing in for the requisite group shot with the Pristines.

A very focused Foodie-- or  a mystery Chef with special powers?

Steve Kriaris of Kolonaki Group
provided wine for the weekend.

And that was the third weekend of the Festival: those who attended had a great time, those who didn't can look at the pictures and salivate. And already we are fast approaching weekend Number Four (of Five)-- stay tuned for all the juicy details.

May 14, 2008

Upcoming Festival Weekend!

Once again we are on the brink of another weekend of Festival of Chefs at Cheese Boutique. This is what they have lined up:

On Saturday, May 17th from 12pm til 4pm, it's Massimo Capra of Mistura.
You've seen him on the Food Network's "Restaurant Makeover", you've read his column in the Globe and Mail-- or perhaps you're just in love with his moustache. I know I am.

Sunday May 18th it's the talented Michael Steh of Reds Bistro and Wine Bar Red's is unique in it's collaboration with CheeseB, who provide not only a fine selection of cheeses to the restaurant but also training seminars to staff on Advanced Cheese Sciences-- good to know, if you are ever in the financial district and have a hankering for some fine Cheese.

It's going to be a tasty weekend, hope to see you there!

Festival of Chefs May 10-11 2008

Another Festival weekend has passed and it went-- ahem--swimmingly!

On Saturday, skies blue and sun shining, Jamie Kennedy fans came in droves-- and were rewarded with his Asparagus and Wild Leek Gratin with Toscano Cheese Velouté. Over 400 were served by 3pm, at which time the food ran out, leaving another hour for the chef to meet with patrons.

Jamie Kennedy and Fatos Pristine

Michael Bonacini and Jamie Kennedy

On Mother's Day, Patrick McMurray dazzled with Thunder Oak Broiled Oysters: Thunder Oak aged Gouda, shaved, and folded into tempered sweet butter, tarragon, lemon zest, and a touch of garlic, formed into a log, chilled and cut onto pats to top the Totten Tiger oyster from Washington state. Set under the broiler as long as it takes to enjoy a couple of sips of your Cuvee Catherine "pink & bubbly" of Henry of Pelham, or until golden brown... what a mouthful!

Thunder Oak Gouda in all it's glory

Patrick McMurray & co. posing with Afrim Pristine

Raw oysters were Village Bay of New Brunswick, fresh to order,
simply shucked and slurped right up.


1100: oysters shucked by Patrick that day.
33: oysters Mr. McMurray has shucked in one minute-- a world record.
1.9 million: his lifetime amount of oysters shucked-- give or take.
9 months: time that elapses between oysters enjoyed on Mother's Day and subsequent new arrivals resulting therein-- according to an Old Oyster Tale, anyway.

If you find all this oyster-talk fascinating then check out
Consider the Oyster - A Shucker's Field Guide
A lovely book of shells and their stories
available at Starfish
43°39’05.41”N 79°22’25.63”W @ 269’ above sea level

Wine for the weekend was provided by Henry of Pelham, represented by Paul DeCampo.

May 8, 2008

Festival of Chefs: Part Deux

Week two is fast approaching and this is what's on the roster:

On Saturday (12-4pm) CheeseB hosts culinary consciousness proponent Jamie Kennedy, chef/owner of Jamie Kennedy Kitchens, and on Sunday things get fishy with Shucking Maestro Patrick McMurray, owner of Starfish Oyster Bed and Grill. Pescitarians rejoice! 

To top it off, they are promising us warm rain-free weather this weekend... it's going to be fun and yummy and, as always, inspiring-- see you there!

May 6, 2008

Festival of Chefs Weekend #1

This years festival went exceptionally well! Patrons were rewarded for braving the elements on Saturday with some good comfort grub-- a succulent beef brisket topped with sauteed wild mushrooms, on home-made spatzle. This was courtesy of Anthony Walsh, from Canoe Restaurant.
The weather did an about face on a sunny Sunday with Centro on the roster-- Bruce Woods whipped up some White asparagus and sauteed Shitake mushrooms (as if we could get sick of mushrooms) and truffled pecorino, with a micro green salad.

Chef Anthony Walsh with Canoe sous-chefs gathered for a photo with the Pristines.

CTV News Anchorman Ken Shaw visits Cheese Boutique with family and enjoyed chef Bruce Woods creations

Marc Bolduc of "The Vine" doling out glasses of wine.

The bad news--the weekend is over and I have to go to the gym now to work the food off. The good news is I have all week to work out and get ready for the coming weekend

May 2, 2008

May–Festival of Chefs 2008

I so live for this.......

The first weekend of the Festival is finally upon us, and CheeseB will host the illustrious Anthony Walsh of Canoe Restaurant from 10 am until 4 pm tomorrow, and then the fabulously talented Bruce Woods of Centro on Sunday.

Be there or miss out on gourmet fare!

If you miss it this weekend--no worries, the cheese blogger will dig into your Pavlovian impulse with the pics to come. And there is still a whole month of weekends to go!

The line-up can be found at or in the posts below.

See you there!!!