Apr 22, 2008

Media Day Festivities

A huge success for Cheese Boutique at last night's Media Day event! Beautiful weather encouraged a massive turn-out-- estimated at between three and four hundred guests-- and what seemed like a constantly revolving door as people arrived, mingled, and feasted.

Local winery Malivoire kept glasses full, and everyone was lining up for a plate of succulent roasted pig.

In the words of an attendee of the event: "It was awesome!"

Couldn't ask for a better kick-off to the upcoming May Festival of Chefs
-- the event of the year-- every May weekend!

Some press from the event has started to come out.......
The Star
The Toronto Sun and with video

Apr 3, 2008

Festival of Chefs Build Up!!!!

Ahhh Spring.

The Annual May Festival of Chefs at CheeseB is now in preparation for a milestone 5th year with a ramped up agenda.

For starters, there is going to be an extra day added to the roster. 10 Chefs and their representative restaurants will highlight some established favourites as well as introducing some destinations that Toronto has embraced.

For those that haven't experienced the Festival before--here's a quick rundown:

Every Saturday and Sunday in May, Cheese Boutique will host some of the finest establishments in Toronto and the Chefs behind them. The invitation is a chance for patrons to experience what Cheese Boutique offers through the hands of masters.

Cooking Demonstrations: Patrons can interact with the chefs, and receive complimentary samples of their cuisine.

Wine Pairing: Conducted by Sommeliers

The Roster:
May 3: Anthony Walsh, Canoe
May 4: Bruce Woods, Centro
May 10: Jamie Kennedy, JK Kitchens
May 11: Patrick McMurray, Starfish
May 17: Massimo Capra, Mistura
May 18: Mike Steh, reds bistro
May 24: Ted Corrado, ROM c5
May 25: Jonathan Gushue, Langdon Hall
May 31: Keith Froggett, Scaramouche
June 1: Lino Collevecchio, Via Allegro

This year Cheese Boutique is in conjunction with American Express. American Express will offer a charitable donation of 5% of your total purchase using your AMEX card to benefit the Canadian Association of Food Banks. All participating restaurants in the festival and including its host, Cheese Boutique, are part of this campaign for a donation up to $50,000. Please visit AMEX for more info.

This year, CheeseB has planned a Media Launch to kick off the festival in grand style. A celebrity chef's who's who hosting this year's lineup as well as alumni chefs from past year's for a cocktail celebration... The kick-off party goes down on April 21st, 6-8 pm at Cheese Boutique!

Evidently the store is going to be open that Monday night--should be an entertaining shopping experience if you can make it out :-)

A little reminder of festival's gone by--click to go back to 2007.