Mar 12, 2008

Home Inspirations

Inspiration is not in short supply around here!

Sampling the diverse wares of the Cheese Counter, with no particular agenda other than culinary curiosity, I tasted, per staff recommendation, a smooth, easy-to-like Blue from Australia: "Roaring Forties" I was informed that this and a drizzle of truffle-infused honey would taste fantastic.

Inspired, I stuffed the shopping bag and got cooking... (la la la la laaaa... whistling while I'm cooking...."You're sooo vein... you probably think this cheese is about you...")

The result was a beautiful salad of baby greens topped with freshly toasted pecans, thinly sliced pear and, of course, the featured cheese with a pungent, sweet, truffle-honey drizzle.

Note to self-- take photo before devouring all :-)

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