Mar 23, 2008

The pursuit of pleasure--a podcast

I've always felt that radio has this endearing quality that TV misses out on.

Radio is history and has these moments of connecting with people from across the globe with shared ideas.

It's magic falls on the unobtrusive yet inquisitive approach of its host, to engage the listener with speakers that can fill your mind with colour to a place or concept you want to know about.

All you need is Cheese has a podcast site with an audio series about fine Canadian Cheeses and the people who love them. Brought to you by the Dairy Farmer's of Canada, the newest episode features the 'cheese-keeper' Afrim Pristine, in act 3, talking from the "bat-cave."

Click on this link to review. Then click on "Listen to Full Episode to Hear".

Mar 18, 2008

Mar 14, 2008

The Stinkley Cup!

This morning CheeseB participated in Scotiabank's, ScotiaHockey competition.

The national event for charity was a way to see the real Lord Stanley while participants find creative ways to recreate the original.

The chances of the Leafs bringing home Stanley are stinkier than cheese this season so catch the promotional tour as it traverses the country.

The winner of the Yonge and Dundas competition garners $500 to donate to a charity of their choice. CityTv among other media outlets are covering the event ...go check it out!

Thinking about a Christmas present yet?

If you were shopping in CheeseB today--you'd have witnessed a rare event not to be uncovered until this coming Christmas.

Locally produced goat cheese was carefully positioned inside an Oak barrel donated by Martin Malivoire from Malivoire, along with his red wine, Old Vines Foch.

150 wheels were drowned into the wine and sealed with liquid nitrogen. Now, the pungency emitted from the barrel with all that cheese and wine before being sealed was enough to create an olfactory buzz like no other....curiosity is going to be peaked come Christmas once unsealed!

There was some rumblings overheard about a liquid nitrogen cheese ice creammmmm but since this blog blabs to much --the details were held back...for now :-)

Mar 12, 2008

Home Inspirations

Inspiration is not in short supply around here!

Sampling the diverse wares of the Cheese Counter, with no particular agenda other than culinary curiosity, I tasted, per staff recommendation, a smooth, easy-to-like Blue from Australia: "Roaring Forties" I was informed that this and a drizzle of truffle-infused honey would taste fantastic.

Inspired, I stuffed the shopping bag and got cooking... (la la la la laaaa... whistling while I'm cooking...."You're sooo vein... you probably think this cheese is about you...")

The result was a beautiful salad of baby greens topped with freshly toasted pecans, thinly sliced pear and, of course, the featured cheese with a pungent, sweet, truffle-honey drizzle.

Note to self-- take photo before devouring all :-)

Mar 4, 2008

Cheese TV II

Television crews were spotted making a commotion at CheeseB, once again! This time it was Food Jammers, of Food Network fame. The details of this upcoming episode remain a mystery for now, but we have our theories on what the subject matter may be. A little hint? It starts with C and rhymes with "something you can eat with ease".

Stay tuned for further details...