Feb 2, 2008

You know they sell more than cheese at CheeseB right?

People do know this and they even write about it!

The National Post. in today's paper did a feature on a 'steak cook-off' with various artisanal outlets in the city, CheeseB among them, and.... [drumroll]....most votes went to CheeseB on overall enjoyment.

But I wasn't there so really how enjoyable could it be--torturing me salivating while I read the article. A link for the article to get details on the dinner and it has an excellent overview on what makes beef differ from cut, style, fat content, etc....

I believe this segues to an opportunity to examine how CheeseB meat-aging occurs and the care they put into it.

Behind the scenes at CheeseB is a heavy handled door that evokes a time-gone-by. Cheese Boutique inherited a meat-aging room from the 1930’s and invested to have it reactivated because in the world of meat, older is better.

AAA Canadian beef is carefully selected and then rail-aged the old fashioned way.

Carcasses are hooked and hung for a minimum of 40 days. It’s a drying process that allows natural enzymes to tenderize the meat, while the bone enhances the flavour. A custom favourite is a Kansas Cut. It’s a 1.5 inch thick New York loin on its bone.

For the most succulent medium-rare, recommended cooking on the grill for 8 min, flip only once, 6 min on the other side.

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