Jan 29, 2008

Wine and Cheese "Via Allegro"

Keeping up to pace with CheeseB is always a challenge.

Moving into 2008, CheeseB I'm told is going to build on milestones and relationships that bring to the consumer the best quality gourmet food available.

Among those relationships has been CheeseB's 4 year involvement with The Wine Tasting Challenge created by Via Allegro Ristorante and sponsored founders with Toronto Life, Spiegelau and Brock University. What is Wine without Cheese I ask you? Hence, the Cheese for the event supplied by none other than the "Cheese Keeper" himself, Afrim Pristine. The Wine Tasting Challenge is open to professionals and amateurs alike. Perhaps this may inspire a reader of the blog to take on the challenge towards 2009....

James Chatto was in attendance and I'll post an updated entry from him when I find it but for now I do have an account of last year's event that will give a descriptive incite to the events goal on Chatto's blog.

Congratulations to this year's Wine Tasting Challenge Winners!

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