Jan 29, 2008

Afrim Pristine--"Cheese Keeper" showcase

Afrim Pristine was in front of the camera again for an upcoming segment soon to air somewhere on CBC.

Topic? Cheese!.....answering a volley of helpful hints on how to maximize your Cheese experience...cheese that can match your personality....cheese that you can mix other foods with and the cheese's you shouldn't even try. I don't at this time have a date for airing or what show specifically but here's a behind-the-scenes look during the interview.

I do have something more concrete to report for future planning at Cheese Boutique.

This year's May Festival of Chefs will be the biggest month long event to date...its a milestone 5th year running and by proxy of the calendar dates during the month, there will be more Chefs in attendance than ever before...(CheeseB hosted 9 Chefs in the past).

This year--the last weekend splits into June and to close the event it will edge into that month...meaning a total of 10 Chefs for 2008!

Stay tuned for more details as this year's roster will get posted sometime in February.

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