Nov 30, 2007

CLASSICS: essential wine and cheese

If you happen to pickup a copy of the Holiday Edition LCBO Food & Drink magazine... a chat between Food Critic James Chatto and CheeseB's cheesekeeper Afrim Pristine. The goal of the article affirmed that wine and cheese are timeless matches. There is always room for refinement of that mix which is explored, examined and described in detail.

Click on the pic to expand the article recomposed here in the blog all in one.

Nov 19, 2007

The mice are working overtime

Planning for the holiday season is steaming along at CheeseB.

This year be sure to investigate the array of chocolate truffle collections from Joseph Schmidt.

Joseph Schmidt--Cherry Bomb Truffles

Joseph Schmidt Chocolate Collections

Also--a reminder that CheeseB Holiday beef has been aging since the beginning of October...make sure to reserve your 60 to 80 day beef now before it all goes.

And be sure to check out the traditional assortment of XMAS treats while at Cheeseb.

Cans dangling from the back of the CheeseB Van

The last couple of weeks have been busy preparing for the coming holiday season.

This year at CheeseB it's been a year of constant energy and planning--just about every month of the year had some sort of happening and the end of October this came to a high pitch fever in celebrating the wedding of the cheesekeeper himself, Afrim Pristine.

Congratulations Afrim and Heather on your nuptials!

I hear that he brushed up on some Spanish for the honeymoon but for those stories...let Afrim tell you himself when you see him on the floor.