Oct 11, 2007

2007 is the year of events at Cheese Boutique

Cheese Blogging can get me carried away so much with photos that I spend hours editing and fall behind...perhaps digital camera shooting has spawned a new disorder because you shoot so much but can never decide what you want to show... so I'm a little behind in showcasing Greek Odyssey and Christine Cushing. I will get to it soon enough...

In the meantime I've been informed that another event is happening for the end of the month--although this time its more personal to the Pristine family. You may recall last year's announcement of Afrim Pristine's engagement. That day has just about arrived!

Cheese Boutique would like to extend a thank you to the community in congratulating Heather and Afrim in their union. Saturday, Oct 27, 2007, Cheese Boutique will make a rare exception in its yearly schedule and be closed for that day. Sunday will be back to normal with regular hours and only closing on New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Canada Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Pics of the wedding you'll be able to find here. I intend to fashionably crash it.