Sep 19, 2007

GREEK ODYSSEY @ CHEESE B! Sept 29th/30th

If visiting Cheese Boutique this weekend you'll already begin to get an inkling of the transformation the store will receive for the last weekend of September on the 29th & 30th. Those dates will be showcasing a festival entirely on everything you'd want to know about Greek....with a CheeseB gourmet twist. Among many activities, two very different chefs from two very different cultural and cuisine backgrounds will be using traditional ingredients to spin a gourmet twist.

While that is going on--for the kids there will be a plate pit pummel--who doesn't like to smash plates on purpose? Traditional Greek dancing and a host of other activities await your attendance at Cheese Boutique. The night before, Christine Cushing who launches her latest book "Pure Food" will carry over the book launch into the Greek Odyssey weekend. You'll even be able to buy an advance copy of her book before it hits the book shelves and it just coincidently has a lot of Greek Cuisine to sample in it.
Also on-hand will be Toronto Life Food Critic James Chatto. James is no stranger to Greek cuisine and has offered many passionate tales of his experiences and dedication to the ancient culture.

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  1. Hello, I attended the Greek Odyssey on the Sunday (invited by Steve Kriaris) of Kolonaki Group and Afrim Pristine also wlecomed me to take some photos of the wonderful day.

    Please have a read at my blog