Sep 19, 2007

GREEK ODYSSEY @ CHEESE B! Sept 29th/30th

If visiting Cheese Boutique this weekend you'll already begin to get an inkling of the transformation the store will receive for the last weekend of September on the 29th & 30th. Those dates will be showcasing a festival entirely on everything you'd want to know about Greek....with a CheeseB gourmet twist. Among many activities, two very different chefs from two very different cultural and cuisine backgrounds will be using traditional ingredients to spin a gourmet twist.

While that is going on--for the kids there will be a plate pit pummel--who doesn't like to smash plates on purpose? Traditional Greek dancing and a host of other activities await your attendance at Cheese Boutique. The night before, Christine Cushing who launches her latest book "Pure Food" will carry over the book launch into the Greek Odyssey weekend. You'll even be able to buy an advance copy of her book before it hits the book shelves and it just coincidently has a lot of Greek Cuisine to sample in it.
Also on-hand will be Toronto Life Food Critic James Chatto. James is no stranger to Greek cuisine and has offered many passionate tales of his experiences and dedication to the ancient culture.

PURE FOOD: BOOK LAUNCH: Sept 28, 6 to 7pm

Watch the Food Network much? Then you probably know who Christine Cushing is. The popular host has completed her latest cookbook, "Pure Food" and Cheese Boutique will be hosting the "Pure Food" book launch on September 28th, 2007. You'll have the opportunity to meet Christine and ask her about... hmmmmm, how about ask her what her favourite cheese's are! While at the CheeseB sample immediately!

There will be samples of Pure Food making the rounds. Say no more see you there!

Sep 16, 2007

Mom always said to "Eat your food slow"

“The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.”

“Those who are slow to know suppose that slowness is the essence of knowledge.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

September 16 and I find myself at Broadview Station about to board Cheese Boutique's sponsored shuttle bus to the Slow Food Picnic at the Brickworks. The sold out event was well received and definitely a movement that is working its way into the social consciousness.
Current Mayor and a past Toronto mayor were in attendance as well as our former Governor General that quickly led me to discern that this event has a lot to say to the community at large. People are hearing what Slow Food is about. Our environment and the way we consume food is a hot topic and appropriately a slow movement developed over years is gaining steam... ok well what about the food? Pics below, looking forward to next year.

Sep 9, 2007

GO SLOOOOOW! A little problematic though, you'll want to wolf it down!

Executive Chef, reds bar & bistro, slow cooked hog

Chef Mike Steh stewing Fondu-Niagara Gold

Right-Chef Mike Steh and to his right, Paul deCampo, Convivium Leader, Slow Food-Toronto

Here's what you missed over the weekend:

An entire hog slow cooked in its custom cooker that I've discovered IS the only way pork should be eaten. The sensation was such an experience that my DNA has now gene coded pork to how it is meant for consumption. Surely I will reject any future processed loin that is not prepared in this manner. Insofar as saying that, yes, I've become a hog snob one might say... the thing is, to make pork sing and not just grunt and snort, it takes awhile.....a loooooooooong long while to prepare actually. It is definitely slow go to get to.

However, this bogger has learned that the theme of cooking slowly is ironically, gaining speed!

Lifted from their brochure:
Slow Food is a non-profit, eco-gastronomic organization that was founded in 1989 to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people's dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world.

Executive Chef Mike Steh of reds bar & bistro (minisculing the name is part of their branding) was on the CheeseB patio for the entire weekend giving perfect examples of what slow food is all about. Saturday offered the PLT (Pork, Lettuce and Tomato) with right off the stem Coloured Sweet Corn dipped in butter and added sea salt granules.

On Sunday, Chef Steh returned and exhibited a Fondu made with Niagara Gold Cheese on reds house-baked bread. For the more adventurous, a choice of pear or apple could be swapped with the bread to dip in the Fondu.

Tangent moment; I think they should just change the name Fondu to Fun-du! Dip, lift, twirl and then munch = fun, period.

Cheese Boutique added to it a topping of Black Truffle slices recently released at CheeseB.

Take the CheeseB-BUS!

Slow Food is an organization born from a concept. To learn more, this coming weekend on September 16 is Picnic at the Brick Works. Going into the final week the event this year is sold out! Good news unless your still wondering how to get in. People are understanding that quality of life is a learned experience. Slow Food tandems a promotion of eco-friendly processes and lifestyle. Keeping with that energy Cheese Boutique is sponsoring a shuttle bus to get you to and from the event, free! It is highly recommended that if attending you take advantage of this service as parking is limited. A convenient and connected link can be taken at Broadview station on the Bloor-Danforth Subway line.

If you can't make it--Cheese blogger will be showcasing the pictures and sampling the food for you. It's a tough job, I know.

Sep 4, 2007

Miss this weekend at CheeseB, only means more for me!

If you don't show up you'll unfortunately miss Executive Chef, Mike Steh of reds bistro & wine bar. The event is a prelude to Picnic at the Brick Works. you may also want to know that this is just a warm-up for the Sept 16th event the following weekend. Cheese Boutique this year has a free shuttle from Broadview Station to take you to and from the event. Leave the car at home and take green to a new adding of course some Cheese Boutique yellow and orange.