Aug 5, 2007

A Wedding "Caked in Cheese"

Pick up the Aug 13 issue of Maclean's Magazine. On page 76, Jacob Richler has whipped up some anecdotes of weddings due in part to the summer season upon us, or, perhaps his own impending nuptials that he's pondering. Richler asks, what does one do to break tradition with the timeless white wedding cake? The answer for some, Cheese! Not just a sprinkle of shavings, not a sweet cheesecake either.... but a wedding cake layered in cheeses.

Richler seeks out to uncover the eclectic in wedding cakery where Chevalier Mark McEwan of Bymark and North44 offered a recent highlight.

"Actually I did one recently out in Cremore [Ont.] where the bride really didn't want a traditional cake... she's more interested in cheese."

Weird? As asked to the reader....

Not for Cheese Boutique it wasn't and they took on the challenge:
45 kg wheel of Comté
A 6 year-aged raw milk Gouda
4 one kilo bricks of chèvre noir from Quebec
five kilo Migneron de Charlevoix
5 kilorams of two year old Zamarano from Spain
3 kilo Riopelle de l'Isle from Isle-aux-Grues
Goat's milk Garrotxa
2.5 cm thick disc of Membrilla quince paste, La Tur from Peidmont
Caffarel dark chocolate
a topping of Époisses

All this wedding cake talk reminds this Cheese Blogger of the impending ceremony for CheeseB's own cheesekeeper, Afrim Pristine, this coming October. A 15-tiered tower of Cheese is being promised! Should we call Guinness?

Note to attendees: better start hitting the gym now, you only have three months to make room for the cake alone!