Jul 18, 2007

REDS.....with CheeseB's YELLOW and BROWN

Over the years Cheese Boutique has fostered strong relationships with many of the best restaurant establishments in Toronto. Among that list, Reds Bistro has taken on an impressive direction that this CheeseBlogger has come across recently...of course all cheese supplied by Cheese Boutique.

Reds Bistro is upping the notch to showcase cheese for its inquisitive palette conscious patrons. Reds has over 35 cheese selections from Cheese Boutique that match over 50 wines by the glass.

The assortment encompasses global representation that includes Australia, Ireland, USA, Canada, France, Scotland.... ok, well, if I'm going to outline Europe I‘d rather offer you a EuroRail pass--it could be quicker to review that way.

I met with Executive Chef, Michael Steh, and he informed me that this is just a starter for Reds‘ commitment to cheese. Once the kids end up back in school Reds will host wine and cheese tasting dinners/seminars.

But there‘s more! Starting in late September, Reds Fondu is back! Available in "Petit" and "Grande" and in three types of cheese from Classic Gruyere, Quebec Blue, Truffle.

Executive Chef, Michael Steh, Reds Bistro

See you there!

Jul 16, 2007

Roll'em...no, no, no, not the Cheese! The Camera!

Television cameras have come back to Cheese Boutique this week as a new show involving Afrim Pristine is being recorded for future broadcast. Here's a behind-the-scene-shot of Afrim at the cheese counter.

Cheese Blogger will of course "broadcast" the details of when this hits the air as soon as it becomes available.

Jul 11, 2007

Your not going to believe this but.....

L-R, Comte, Lindenhoff Dutch Gouda, Swiss Sbrinz. Click on the pic for a detailed closeup

Cheese Boutique actually sells cheese!

With all the posts of events lately from Chevalier, Festival of Chefs, Charity showcases etc; you'd think that the CheeseB's business is all about parties and hosting then acting as a premier gourmet shop.

And so, presented to you is a special announcement of recently released rounds from the vault!

-Cave-aged 4-year Swiss Sbrinz
-Vintage Cave-aged Comte 3-years old. This cheese was hand selected by resident Chevalier Fatos Pristine.
-Farmhouse Lindenhoff Dutch Gouda. A total of 6-years aging before today's announcement (2 years were in-house) that also happens to be one of Chevalier Afrim Pristine's personal favourite.

Make sure to discover these new releases and while there visit the vault to learn about how they patiently prepare the cheese for the consuming customer.