Jun 7, 2007

11 months until the May Festival of Chefs... 2008!

The 2007 May Festival of Chefs was without a doubt the best yet. The food was exceptional and the weather was superb! Alas, the month long party came to a close to leave the palette only wanting more.

The final weekend hosted Executive Chef Anthony Walsh of Canoe and JK Kitchens very own proprietor and Executive Chef, Jamie Kennedy.

The pics below archive the closing days...

Another set of Black Cod on its way around the bend...

The how to of Black Cod layering....

Executive Chef Jamie Kennedy on May 27th. Rolling fingers just getting started

Festival of Chefs Llardo hat presented to Executive Chef Jamie Kennedy

Crepe with cheese wraped around asparagus

The Cheese Blogger looks forward to the 2008 May Festival of Chefs! In the meantime, stayed tune for many more happenings at the Cheese B over the next 11 months.

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