May 26, 2007

Victoria Day weekend at the Cheese B

Last weekend was an extra day treat for the May Festival of Chefs at CheeseB with the long weekend adding an extra day on the roster. Saturday brought Executive Chef Lino Collevecchio of Via Allegro. Sunday we saw as well a return by Langdon Hall’s Excutive Chef Jonathon Gushue. For Monday, to kick start your summer grilling season Barberian's brought the coal and threw down the best CheeseB meats ever. For those that couldn't make it out...the pics are below...and there is one more weekend left!!!!!

Executive Chef Lino Collevecchio

Excutive Chef Jonathon Gushue

Mango toppings set to serve over Rice Pudding

Wine pairings on May 20th

Ribs on the grill, Barberian's Steak House at the CheeseB

Barberian's Steak House at the CheeseB. Chefs Scott Thompson and Gwen Hiseler

Presenting the entrée with the best Price is Right supermodel imitation....Tyler Stewart of the Barenaked Ladies at the Chef's Table.

One thing for sure---after attending every single festival for the past four years--I can't remember the weather being so inviting. Every day has been a perfection of Spring. This final weekend brings Canoe with Exceutive Chef Anthony Walsh on Saturday. For Sunday, the closing day brings Toronto's own Executive Chef Jamie Kennedy. Try to make it out--forecast says---Food Fun in the Sun.

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