May 4, 2007

Via Allegro, Viva Cheese Boutique

Cheese Boutique and Via Allegro came together for a special union of friendship and sharing of gourmet knowledge to the foodies out that night. Living the life well is a motto that both establishments share alike. The presentation at the restaurant is an ongoing alliance soon to be repeated... in fact, with the start of the 4th Annual May Festival of Chefs this weekend, be sure to come by Saturday March 19th between 12 and 4 pm for more samplings of Cheese Boutique at the hands of Via Allegro's Executive Chef, Lino Collevecchio. Below, a taste of the scenery...

Sommelier Wendy Votto, Owner/Proprietor Phil Sabatino, Via Allegro

Afrim Pristine putting on the show.