May 5, 2007

Guiding Tourism


That's the page number in the latest issue (May 2007) of Condé Naste Traveller. The Insider's Guide to CANADA NOW! It declares Cheese Boutique as a destination point of interest that would comprise of completing a full day in Toronto.

3 P.M. ....amble over to Bloor West Village, a town within the city that's every bit as cozy as it sounds. Turn left onto leafy South Kingsway and stop at the Cheese Boutique to sample its oozing, exquisitely aged raw-milk cheeses. Prepare to smuggle home what you don't eat.

The CheeseB was surprised by the unexpected mention but with welcome arms and oozing cheese the readers should find the declaration is not unfounded.

And what excellent timing as the start of the Festival of Chefs is today!

Executive Chef Donna Dooher of Mildred Pierce is on the patio from 12 to 4 pm. FYI: After 17 years of operating Mildred Pierce--the restuarant's successful run will be closing on July 31, 2007. Don't miss this last opportunity representing MP at the CheeseB.

Executive Chef Donna Dooher

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