May 4, 2007

4th Annual, May Festival of Chefs

Happy times are here again, the skies above are clear again, some of last year's Chefs are repeating again, and some are new to the Festival as wellllll!!!!

Cheese Boutique has brought back some of the foodies favourites as well as adding some new faces to this year's Festival of Chefs!!!!!! (yes, I feel like Fozzy Bear saying all this somehow--you know, the Muppets, is that still on for that to make sense?--btw, I hear next year, CheeseB is considering the Swedish Chef to make an appearance.)

So, for those who have never been to the event allow me to unwrap a little for you the experience. You, the foodie, show up at your favourite food emporium at 45 Ripley Avenue in Toronto between 12 and 4 pm. It's a sunny Spring Weekend (aren't they all?) that crisp spring smell in the air--oh wait, that smell is actually the greeting you get of a voluminous flower arrangement to rival that of Edwards Gardens (ok, ok, maybe not Edwards but I promise you a full garden experience). Down at the end of the patio you notice something that is an affront to your olfactory sensibilities. Your nose is telling you to come closer.....heeyyyy isn't that the Chef from Scaramouche?!?!?!?? Keith Froggett? What the heck?!?!? An investigation is the only logical path you can take from here, the thought of possibly trying what he's preparing is too much to bare to not at least take a peek.

He's inviting you to come closer and once in reaching distance you are invited to sample a hefty slice of magic that melts in your mouth, not in your hands (ummm that wasn't a copyright I hope). Chef Froggett says a little whimiscal couple of words that tweaks your interest in being able to perform the delicate art of replicating what your savouring in the comfort of your own abode. Annnnnd your in luck! All the ingredients the Chef's will prepare at the festival are available at Cheese Boutique.

So without further ado I have the pleasure of introducing this year's lineup:

Mildred Pierce, Executive Chef Donna Dooher, Saturday, May 5
Mistura, Massimo Capra, Sunday, May 6
Scaramouche, Keith Froggett, Saturday, May 12
Centro, Bruce Woods, Sunday, May 13
Via Allegro, Lino Collevecchio, Saturday, May 19
Langdon Hall, Jonathan Gushue, Sunday, May 20
Barberian’s, Arron Barberian, Monday, May 21
Canoe, Anthony Walsh, Saturday, May 26
JK Kitchens, Jamie Kennedy, Sunday, May 27

Now if that wasn't enough to tempt you, each restaurant will also feature a Wine pairing conducted by their own house sommelier.
This IS the year of the known, the sound and ALWAYS the delicious. Hope to see you out and enjoy :-)