May 26, 2007

Victoria Day weekend at the Cheese B

Last weekend was an extra day treat for the May Festival of Chefs at CheeseB with the long weekend adding an extra day on the roster. Saturday brought Executive Chef Lino Collevecchio of Via Allegro. Sunday we saw as well a return by Langdon Hall’s Excutive Chef Jonathon Gushue. For Monday, to kick start your summer grilling season Barberian's brought the coal and threw down the best CheeseB meats ever. For those that couldn't make it out...the pics are below...and there is one more weekend left!!!!!

Executive Chef Lino Collevecchio

Excutive Chef Jonathon Gushue

Mango toppings set to serve over Rice Pudding

Wine pairings on May 20th

Ribs on the grill, Barberian's Steak House at the CheeseB

Barberian's Steak House at the CheeseB. Chefs Scott Thompson and Gwen Hiseler

Presenting the entrée with the best Price is Right supermodel imitation....Tyler Stewart of the Barenaked Ladies at the Chef's Table.

One thing for sure---after attending every single festival for the past four years--I can't remember the weather being so inviting. Every day has been a perfection of Spring. This final weekend brings Canoe with Exceutive Chef Anthony Walsh on Saturday. For Sunday, the closing day brings Toronto's own Executive Chef Jamie Kennedy. Try to make it out--forecast says---Food Fun in the Sun.

May 15, 2007

Little Italy. Ciao!

Next time you come in to the CheeseB, be sure to step inside the all new Pasta Room!

As mentioned in Chatto's blog, CheeseB is going through an expansion phase. The very first of these changes can be found in the Pasta Room dedicated to a multitude of gourmet pastas, sauces and oils. It now concentrates an area for pasta where they did not have the luxury of space to do so before.

It's an addition that almost feels like a new discovery of sorts...and the pics of the environment, below, for your salivating pleasure :-)

Bedtime fish tails... and some tales.

CheeseBlogger reporting in from the past weekend festivities. Both Keith Froggett of Scaramouche and Bruce Woods of Centro's had some form or another of seafood on the program. I can't really recall so much fish at the CheeseB actually. It does seem to prelude the changes that are burgeoning in the planning of CheeseB's expansion, as mentioned a few posts ago. I hear that there is an intent to have fish on the bill for sale in the near future. So, with that I serve you up some the form of pics of course below...
Executive Chef Keith Froggett, Scaramouche

Afrim Pristine sharing the stage with Executive Chef Bruce Woods(-R) of Centro Restaurant

prosciutto fig & mascarpone

May 12, 2007

Festival of Chefs: May 12 and 13

The Toronto Sun this past Wednesday promoted Cheese Boutique and the 2007 May Festival of Chefs. Click the photo for a full scale review of Rita DeMontis' article.

The CheeseB is elated to bring to you this weekend Executive Chef, Keith Froggett of Scaramouche. On Mother's Day I hear they are planning a few surprises so be sure to see and taste the concoction of Executive Chef, Bruce Woods of Centro's. Both Chef's are making their first appearance at this year's Festival of Chefs.


A new batch of Black Truffles has arrived at the CheeseB. Next time you come in ask to see and smell to beleive.

To know more about truffles, a link to its origin via Wikipedia.

May 8, 2007

Ontario Hostelry Institute--Pristine Fellowship

Recently honoured Chevalier, Fatos Pristine, can now add another distinction. A Fellow of the Ontario Hostelry Institute.
For professional achievement, dedication and contribution to the foodservice and hospitality industry... inducted as Fellow(s) of the Hostelry Institute:

This happened on Thursday, April 19th, 2007. OHI's mandate is to provide scholarships and awards to persons seeking professional careers in the hostelry industry. They strive to ensure the best practices and the very best education are in place to achieve the goals that set those individuals apart from the crowd.

May 7, 2007

Announcements a la Cheese

Chatto's Digest had the exclusive scoop on new developments with Cheese Boutique. A quick recap of the blog is the CheeseB's need for expansion. They have done so in the form of any extra 4000 sq.ft. right across the street. When your at the Festival of Chefs over the next couple of weekends...take note of the tables and chairs right across the street....those are extra seating areas for the Festival as needed. For more hit the link for Chatto's Digest.

When was the last time your date was wrapped in bacon??? Ok, how about strawberries in your risotto?

CheeseB's May Festival of Chefs--the first weekend has passed and the title indicates what you missed if you weren't able to come out. On May 5th--to launch this year's event, Executive Chef Donna Dooher brought her skills from Mildred Pierce. Cheese Boutique was honoured to have her as MP will closing on July 31 after 17 years in operation to pursue new avenues.

Bacon wrapped around dates that hovers over a Shot of Cheri

The weather couldn't have been better for eating out on Cheese Boutique's patio. On Sunday May 6th, Executive Chef Massimo Capra from Mistura presented yet another house risotto specialty. Mix in asparagus with strawberry and your quickly realizing that adventure in food is only limited by your imagination.

For more photos, check out Cheese Boutique's main web site a little later this week. Each event day that has passed will have a photo journal of what was served. But of course, the pictures are not as good as actually sampling in person....
On deck next week is Keith Froggett of Scaramouche, May 12, and Bruce Woods of Centro, May 13.

May 5, 2007

Guiding Tourism


That's the page number in the latest issue (May 2007) of Condé Naste Traveller. The Insider's Guide to CANADA NOW! It declares Cheese Boutique as a destination point of interest that would comprise of completing a full day in Toronto.

3 P.M. ....amble over to Bloor West Village, a town within the city that's every bit as cozy as it sounds. Turn left onto leafy South Kingsway and stop at the Cheese Boutique to sample its oozing, exquisitely aged raw-milk cheeses. Prepare to smuggle home what you don't eat.

The CheeseB was surprised by the unexpected mention but with welcome arms and oozing cheese the readers should find the declaration is not unfounded.

And what excellent timing as the start of the Festival of Chefs is today!

Executive Chef Donna Dooher of Mildred Pierce is on the patio from 12 to 4 pm. FYI: After 17 years of operating Mildred Pierce--the restuarant's successful run will be closing on July 31, 2007. Don't miss this last opportunity representing MP at the CheeseB.

Executive Chef Donna Dooher

May 4, 2007

4th Annual, May Festival of Chefs

Happy times are here again, the skies above are clear again, some of last year's Chefs are repeating again, and some are new to the Festival as wellllll!!!!

Cheese Boutique has brought back some of the foodies favourites as well as adding some new faces to this year's Festival of Chefs!!!!!! (yes, I feel like Fozzy Bear saying all this somehow--you know, the Muppets, is that still on for that to make sense?--btw, I hear next year, CheeseB is considering the Swedish Chef to make an appearance.)

So, for those who have never been to the event allow me to unwrap a little for you the experience. You, the foodie, show up at your favourite food emporium at 45 Ripley Avenue in Toronto between 12 and 4 pm. It's a sunny Spring Weekend (aren't they all?) that crisp spring smell in the air--oh wait, that smell is actually the greeting you get of a voluminous flower arrangement to rival that of Edwards Gardens (ok, ok, maybe not Edwards but I promise you a full garden experience). Down at the end of the patio you notice something that is an affront to your olfactory sensibilities. Your nose is telling you to come closer.....heeyyyy isn't that the Chef from Scaramouche?!?!?!?? Keith Froggett? What the heck?!?!? An investigation is the only logical path you can take from here, the thought of possibly trying what he's preparing is too much to bare to not at least take a peek.

He's inviting you to come closer and once in reaching distance you are invited to sample a hefty slice of magic that melts in your mouth, not in your hands (ummm that wasn't a copyright I hope). Chef Froggett says a little whimiscal couple of words that tweaks your interest in being able to perform the delicate art of replicating what your savouring in the comfort of your own abode. Annnnnd your in luck! All the ingredients the Chef's will prepare at the festival are available at Cheese Boutique.

So without further ado I have the pleasure of introducing this year's lineup:

Mildred Pierce, Executive Chef Donna Dooher, Saturday, May 5
Mistura, Massimo Capra, Sunday, May 6
Scaramouche, Keith Froggett, Saturday, May 12
Centro, Bruce Woods, Sunday, May 13
Via Allegro, Lino Collevecchio, Saturday, May 19
Langdon Hall, Jonathan Gushue, Sunday, May 20
Barberian’s, Arron Barberian, Monday, May 21
Canoe, Anthony Walsh, Saturday, May 26
JK Kitchens, Jamie Kennedy, Sunday, May 27

Now if that wasn't enough to tempt you, each restaurant will also feature a Wine pairing conducted by their own house sommelier.
This IS the year of the known, the sound and ALWAYS the delicious. Hope to see you out and enjoy :-)

Via Allegro, Viva Cheese Boutique

Cheese Boutique and Via Allegro came together for a special union of friendship and sharing of gourmet knowledge to the foodies out that night. Living the life well is a motto that both establishments share alike. The presentation at the restaurant is an ongoing alliance soon to be repeated... in fact, with the start of the 4th Annual May Festival of Chefs this weekend, be sure to come by Saturday March 19th between 12 and 4 pm for more samplings of Cheese Boutique at the hands of Via Allegro's Executive Chef, Lino Collevecchio. Below, a taste of the scenery...

Sommelier Wendy Votto, Owner/Proprietor Phil Sabatino, Via Allegro

Afrim Pristine putting on the show.