Mar 25, 2007

FANFARE: Chevaliers are upon us

Dropping into Cheese Boutique this week may have you feeling, speaking, thinking and being all things so very French. Red, White and Blue is everywhere in preparation for the Chevaliers this coming Saturday, March 31st. I'm thinking very French these days myself so without further ado, te présentant les chevaliers...

Venez nous joindre pour les festivités !

Mar 13, 2007

Chevalier: HISTORY

Questions have been asked about what is Chevalier all about. Cheese Blogger reports the latest information about the upcoming Chevalier event at the Cheese Boutique on March 31st. The big question. What is it? The second question. Who is receiving? And possibly it fills in the blanks of Why? You already know the Where, When and How. Cheese Boutique hopes you can make it out for this one time only, all day unique experience.

What is the Confrérie des chevaliers du Taste Fromage de France?

Year founded: 1954

Place: Paris – France

Its history in brief: Forty members of the Comité national de propagande des produits laitiers (France) felt the necessity of conferring on the cheeses of France their letters patent of nobility. As a result they founded the Confrérie Brillat-Savarin de Taste Fromage, which was entered on the civil register of the French Republic on March 18, 1954. A few years later that society became the Confrérie des chevaliers du Taste Fromage de France, as it continues to be known today.

Its mission: To showcase all the great cheeses of France, from the viewpoints of their consumption as is and their involvement in culinary creations;
To see to the preservation of the traditions that connect them to the folklore of French provinces;

To establish or perpetuate, in the same spirit, contacts with societies representing the wines of France, which are the indispensable complement to cheese, and their enhancement;

To assume the role of ambassador for the fine-cheese tradition, both in France and abroad;

And lastly, an in international aspect, to recognize the work and the fine products of other countries (note from the author).

Its structure: A “Grand Conseil” consisting of close to 30 members. The “Grand Conseil” has the responsibility of electing the “Conseil Suprême”, composed of four members known as the “Grands Dignitaires”. The president of the Confrérie is called the “Grand Maître”. The secretary is called the “Grand Chancelier”, the treasurer bears the name of “Grand Chambellan”, and those who head the individual commanderies are known as “Grands Commandeurs”. Regular members are divided into two groups, “Officiers” and “Chevaliers”.

Its motto: “Honni soit qui sans fromage prétend à bonne table rendre hommage.” (Evil be to him who would without cheese pay homage to a fine table.)

Its activities: Both in France and abroad, the Confrérie takes part in expositions, trade shows, fairs and events of all kinds aimed at the promotion of cheese.

In the 50 years of its history the Confrérie has organized more than 800 chapters, into which its members, more than 15,000 of them, have been inducted. The Confrérie has to date established only one chapter on North American soil: in 1997 in Montréal. That chapter was also organized by Saputo.

Its famous names: Personalities as well known as Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Jacques Chirac and Alain Prost have been inducted into the Confrérie. Not to mention the Québecers who have already received an initial distinction, including Gilles Jourdenais, Yanick Achim, Louis Aird, Marilou Lorenzo and Ian Picard.

The hierachy of the Confrérie....


The Commandeur is the head of the local commanderie, meaning all the members of the Confrérie connected with his chapter.


The title of “Officier” is the second rank in the Confrérie, of which there are seven in all. The Officier graduates to this title from the first rank, that of Chevalier.


“Chevalier” is the first rank in the Confrérie. The Chevalier receives this title on initially being inducted into the Confrérie.