Feb 6, 2007


Cheese Blogger can finally report the latest news involving the Chevalier Event being held at Cheese Boutique.

March 31st, 2007, CheeseB will play host to 9 nominated Torontonians to be inducted into the Order of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Taste Fromage de France.

You will see during business hours--the dawning of the sword-the swearing in-the capes-the hats-and I'm talking about the ceremony, not just the daily things that already happen at the CheeseB.

To fill you in a little to what it's all about I can report the following. The Confrérie du Taste Fromage was founded in Paris in 1954. The goal of the society is to showcase all the great cheeses of France, to see that traditions are preserved and to perpetuate the spirit of the Confrérie. In light of this so very French vocation, Saputo and Cheese Boutique is especially proud
to welcome the society’s members to Toronto and in so doing, highlight the know-how of Canadians and their work in promoting cheeses from our soil.

This all-day event at Cheese Boutique is a rare opportunity in that Knights are not normally honoured outside of France. The Confrérie has specifically indicated that the nominees be local to our community in Toronto. This is a rare event that will see a delegation of French representation that includes the Grand Commander of the Confrérie, Monsieur Jean Arnaud.


We are inviting members of the community to share in our event and participate in adding awareness for the love of cheese and how it is woven into our city.

Your support and interests in gourmet foods will motivate the delegation and gesture to the nominee, that their efforts in promoting cheese are being appreciated.

Cheese Boutique is looking for people that will add to the flavour of the French experience....it could be an Acordian player, Buskers ie; live puppet shows, etc,. The day is already packed with cuisine events---a showcase of cooking with Cheese from some of our most notable French Chefs in Toronto.

If you would like to inquire about participating please contact Afrim Pristine at Cheese Boutique, 416 762 6292.

Chevalier Nominees:

Chef Mark McEwan—North 44
Linda Haynes—Ace Bakery
James Chatto—Toronto Life,
Michael Bonacini—Oliver Bonacini Restaurants
Chef Lynn Crawford—Four Seasons Hotel-New York,
Jacob Richler—National Post
Afrim Pristine—Cheese Boutique,
Brian Langley—Longos
John Louie Coppa—Highland Farms