Jan 12, 2007

EXTRA EXTRA Read all about it! French "CHEESE KNIGHTS" Invade!!!

Scene 1: opening introduction

(Gentlemen in top hats, Women of grace with perfect rose vested dresses are hurried, towing children behind them looking for a radio to get the latest news from the headlines just announced on the street...)

~on the radio~
you hear beep- bee bee-beep of morse code coming off the wire, a typewriter furiously tapping, tapering out to that pitched familiar voice hurling into stereo speakers across the land....
people are in their living room home, droves of cars on the road have pulled over to hear the news. and the announcer with a short-paused breathe speaks....)

(Fade in from black on the announcers mouth and then slowly widening lens to expose the studio room)

"A ROOOARRRING start to ALLl in the New Year here at the CHEESE B!!!", "Welcome back! Big Cheese reporting here on K-CHSE radiooooooooo!"

"Word on the street is that Cheese Boutique is embracing 2007 with a celebration and everyone is invited. Details are in the planning stages and for the moment, highly guarded information on a 'need to know' only basis. But fear not, do not quibble, I have already dug up some meaty tidbits for you, the loyal foodie that you are, I will not disappoint! Current news to date is that an event, a one-of-a-kind rare happening is being planned. This reporter has been promised that details soon will be forthcoming. I'm assured though that it's something big and when I say big I mean B-I-G-big......."


"Ladies and Gentleman, while I sit here relaying this information to you--over the wire it is stating..... France has just announced that Cheese Knights are commencing their march towards Toronto for March arrival!"

"Does this have something to do with Mr. Pristine's recent Chevalier appointed position? These and other details will be researched."

"For now folks...at this time I will ask that you remain calm--the Big Cheese is on the clock and its still ticking. As soon as I know more you'll know more but it's clear that Cheese Boutique is gearing up to prepare for the invasion."

"Stay tuned here on K-CHSE for more breaking news as it comes..."