Nov 5, 2006

Recipe: a little bit of Thuet, a little bit of Steam Whistle Pilsner and a whole lot of SWISS CHEESE = FONDUE at the CheeseB!!!!!!

At the CheeseB on Saturday, November 4th, celebrity Chef Marc Thuet, with Thuet's Bakery Chef David Wilson were greeting patrons at the door. They were serving up Swiss Cheese Fondue using Thuet's Bakery-Bread selections. This of course wasn't an ordinary Fondue...... ummmm....... is anything ordinary at the CheeseB? Added into the pot, Steam Whistle Pilsner. The alcohol evaporates in the reheating process with the leftover being just the taste. At least that's what they tell me. I did note patrons bumping into each other in the aisles after wandering into the store (after sampling the Fondue), but that's normal fair for a Saturday at the CheeseB. I willingly go along with the explanation given. Pics of all the gooey below. Links to Thuet Bistro/Bakery and Steam Whistle Brewery to the right------>

Chef Marc Thuet

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