Nov 12, 2006

Knight of the Round.........CHEESE!!!

Ahhhh there any other city like it? Fatos Pristine returned this week from the city of lights where he was inducted into Knighthood-entry level- in the Order of the Cheese. I kid you not. For real. Yeah, I didn't know such a thing existed either. But now that I know you can bet that that honour validates Fatos as a cheese purveyor to a level that need not be questioned. The prestigious annual industry food show, the Salon Internationale d'Alementation (SIAL) played host to the ceremony. A delicate tap on the shoulders with a sword and the honour of being inducted is secured with a medallion around the neck. More updates to this coming soon.....for now details have been sketchy, but I happened to run into Fatos at the store and he promised me more details as soon as the travel fatigue wears off....some snaps below and James Chatto's blog also discussing the event in the links---->

Fatos Pristine and his wife Modesta

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