Oct 20, 2006

A Round of Roussel

This past Wednesday the 18th the CheeseB had a special guest of honour come by and visit. Monique Roussel of Le Bergerie aux 4 Vents Ltée, and her husband André Martineau produce Internationally reknowned Tomme cheese. Their cheese is proudly hosted at the CheeseB made from sheep and cow's milk. It's not only great cheese but made right here in Canada, Champ Doré, New Brunswick, where they have their own sheepfold. Unfortunately, as much as the Cheese Blooger would like to just let you sample the cheese from the comfort of your computer--tasting is believing so please come out and ask for a sample.

(L-R) Agim Pristine, Fatos Pristine, André Matineau, Monique Roussel and Afrim Pristine.

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