Sep 28, 2006

He went for the cheese... he came back yodelling! Hodi-Oh-Chee-eese!!

Afrim's first visit to Switzerland specially invitated by Emmi and the Swiss Consulate. The search for cheese and how it becomes traditionally prepared then ending up at the CheeseB ready to serve was an invitation that could not be refused. Afrim found that nothing echoes better than the Swiss Alps on a sunny day. To prove that point, show up at the CheeseB and you'll be hearing Afrim's echo in the form of amazement from the experience.

What would this blog be without some pics to show where some of that great cheese they sell come from...

Legendary cheese masters making their famous Swiss Emmenthal.
State-of-the-art cannot compete with tradition!!

Curing butter.

Afrim in the caves of Le Marechal...... a kid in a candy store.

Beautiful Marechal cheese curing in the salt bath...
...a crucial time for a cheese.

Sep 18, 2006

Cheese goes Postal

Aug 23, 2006, a special series of stamps released by Canada Post hit the streets about Wine and Cheese. The articles about its release is on a link to your right that "toasts Canada's hearty cultural heritage."

The Cheese Boutique's role? ---all the cheese for the stamp collection were acquired from the Cheese Boutique!