Jul 29, 2006

...and then there was a lot of love in the air....we thought it was just the cheese but nope--its definitely love!

Afrim Pristine seems to be dominating the CheeseB-blog of late. This past week the cheeseblogger has learned that not only was it his birthday last Wed, but as well, the day he became engaged! Congratulations Afrim!

UPDATE: I've been asked for details...so here is what I dug up. Afrim pulled the ultimate surprise. He arranged with Heather a day adventure out at Langdon Hall for his b-day only to turn the event into a celebration of engagement. I'm told that the apple orchard is where the question was popped. After that--off to the dining room where Afrim had pre-arranged with Executive Chef Jonathon Gushue to have a special meal awaiting, with their own area in the dining room set aside. For more, I hear that Modesta or Afrim can't stop beaming about the news and more than happy to give the details....congratulations again to Afrim and Heather.


  1. Congratulations Afrim! Sitting here in an internet cafe with Yasemin. We send you both our love.

  2. Congratulations Afrim and Heather! Love you both and look forward to being apart of your lives as a couple. Love Cristen :o)