Jun 30, 2006

Wine and Cheese : Truffles and Boutique

On June 28th, Executive Chef Lynn Crawford created an interactive event at Truffles of the Four Seasons — Toronto. Cheese Boutique and the Pristine family were welcomed to showcase award winning cheeses with summer truffles. Each course paired with Mission Hill Family Estate wines. The night was an alluring five-course meal that gave new meaning to the term 'comfort food'. The photos below are just a sampler. For more make sure to visit the gallery in the main site....cheeseboutique.com or click the link to the side.

Jun 23, 2006

Media and the Cheese B

A photo shoot of the Cheese Boutique men. Keep an eye out soon for Toronto Life magazine at a newstand near you. The Cheese Boutique will be profiled for a feature article.

Agim, Afrim, Ilir and Arian. Brothers Pristine.

Jun 13, 2006

Eigensinn Farm is where?

Afrim Pristine of Cheese Boutique hard at work at the Eigensinn Farm. Where? That's in Singhampton, Ontario and.... that doesn't help, does it. Ok, to make life easy just think directly south of Collingwood.

Chef Michael Stadtlander runs the farm that is consistently voted as one of the best internationally reknowned culinary experiences. Cheese Boutique was on hand in the past week to inform the attendees a little about....Cheese!

Jun 11, 2006

Restaurant Makeover...at the Cheese B

Watch "Restaurant Makeover" on the Food Network.... coming soon to a TV near you, Executive Chef Lynn Crawford from the Four Seasons Hotel - Toronto. She made a pitstop recently to shoot a segment for the show at the Cheese Boutique.